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 BAE Systems Harrier II

BAE Systems Harrier II

Harrier GR.9 und T.12 im 21. Jahrhundert 240 Seiten, über 950 Abbildungen Text: Englisch

his walk around details the status of the Harrier II in RAF/RN service shortly prior to his phase out in 2010. In the book the reader will find a 5000 word introductionary text, describing the development and the most recent technical changes to the 'Jump Jet' including Operation Herrick. This is followed by 60 pages of action photographs divided by squadrons including units of the Joint Force Harrier, 1(F) Squadron, 4(AC) Squadron, 4(R) Squadron, 20(R) Squadron, 41(R) Squadron, 800 Naval Air Squadron and the Naval Strike Wing (NSW). Over 180 pages are dedicated to the modeler and contain the following:
- avionics
- cockpits
- landing gear
- engines
- most recent armament
- fuselage details
- camouflage schemes
- 1/48 scale drawings

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