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  1.                                                 EAGLE V


    In the case of the new Eagle V Protected Utility Vehicle for Command Staff the focus of development was mainly on increasing the payload, improved protection of all areas, better mobility, logistical similarity to the already fielded Eagle IV, and quick availability. Since the first series vehicle had been handed over to the German Army on 04 April 2014, 176 vehicles have been procured by the Bundeswehr. This publication describes extensively the Eagle V in service, on exercises and missions abroad and shows its technical features in great detail. Mehr erfahren
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  2.                                                 UNIMOG


    In previous volumes of this series the various legendary Unimog truck variants in Bundeswehr service were covered in great detail, including the U1300L, U4000, U5000 and Unimog S. This publication now closes the gaps on specialised Unimog variants, including aircraft tugs, small emplacement excavators, road-rail vehicles, snow-clearing vehicles, the maintenance vehicle for helicopters and the directing staff vehicle for live-fire training, with many hitherto unpublished photographs. Mehr erfahren
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  3.                                             REFORGER 73


    In the autumn of 1973, the US Army executed Exercise REFORGER V between 29 September and 22 November. This was the fifth exercise in the series since the first REFORGER (REturn of FORces to GERmany) had been carried out in 1969. The core of REFORGER V was the field training exercise (FTX) Certain Charge conducted by the US Army and which saw the participation of 51,000 American, German, Canadian and French troops. The context in which REFORGER V took place was very particular. The US operational engagement in the Vietnam War had ended in 1973. US land and air forces were gradually returning home from Southeast Asia and shifting their focus to Europe again. Lessons learned in the Vietnam War were now applied to tactics on European soil. Mehr erfahren
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  4.                                           BEDFORD TM


    The TM truck range is a family of all-wheel-drive logistics trucks manufactured for the British Armed Forces by Bedford Vehicles in the final decade of the Cold War era. It contains the TM 4-4 fleet of 8-tonne and TM 6-6 fleet of 14-tonne payload-class vehicles. The range includes 4x4 and 6x6 cargo truck variants with or without a self-recovery winch, those with or without a Crane Attachment Lorry Mounted (CALM), a 4x4 tipper model and a couple of special-purpose models. From the time the vehicles entered service in the early 1980s, TM trucks provided the British Army�s main logistics transportation means in the first, second and third lines. During their service life, TM trucks saw operational service with the British Army worldwide. This publication shows the technology, the service life but first and foremost the variants of the TM truck family in many hitherto unpublished exercise photographs. Mehr erfahren
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  5.                               Militärfahrzeug 3/2019

    Militärfahrzeug 3/2019

    Leopard 2 / Büffel / Leguan / MAN IVECO 15 t 8x8 SanContTrsp RETTUNGSSTATION "Aussie-BOXER" REFORGER IV/73 Certain Shield SURVIVOR R RABE - Kleinstes Kettenfahrzeug der Bw US Army: PROPHET - Ein amerikanischer Erlkönig ALLIED SPIRIT X unter Führung Bundeswehr BEDFORD RL "LASER-BOXER" Mehr erfahren
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  6.               Tankograd Jahrbuch 2019

    Tankograd Jahrbuch 2019

    The Tankograd-YEARBOOK provides an overview over the in-service armoured vehicles of the Modern German Army and updates Tankograd's vehicle monographs published over the past years by describing and listing all main types, their variants, showing technical data of the basic variant and all quantities in service. Mehr erfahren
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  7.             Australian M1A1 Abrams

    Australian M1A1 Abrams

    Among the export versions of the American M1 Abrams main battle tank family the Australian M1A1 AIM SA certainly is the most compelling. The opening chapter of this publication features in-the-field shots of the "Aussie" M1A1 Abrams whilst on exercise, and this is followed by a walkaround showing the tank in more detail. Another chapter features the M88A2 HERCULES armoured recovery vehicle purchased for the Abrams-equipped units. A number of combat support vehicles (e.g. tank transporters, fuel tankers) are regularly seen operating alongside the M1A1s and M88A2s, and a selection of these vehicles appear in the final section of this volume. This is the first comprehensive documentation on the topic. Mehr erfahren
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  8.             Panzermanöver 04

    Panzermanöver 04

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  9.             White Reno 89

    White Reno 89

    The 1st (UK) Armoured Division of the British Army of the Rhine conducted Exercise White Rhino between 07 and 25 September 1989. The exercise covered an area of 7,500km² and included 13 districts in the provinces of Lower Saxony, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia of West Germany. The 7th and 22nd Armoured Brigades conducted the sub-exercises Rat Rhino and Stag Rhino in the two southern sectors of the exercise area. The last full force exercise of the 1st (UK) Armoured Division during the Cold War involved no less than 11,060 troops, 237 main battle tanks, 36 self-propelled howitzers, 957 light tracked vehicles, 2,200 wheeled vehicles and 35 helicopters. This publication grants a highly illustrated look back at a time, when British Army tanks ruled German plains! Mehr erfahren
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  10.          Stalwart


    Among the most iconic British military truck designs of the Cold War is the FV620 Stalwart family of vehicles. It is a series of 6x6, amphibious, high-mobility load carriers designed and manufactured by Alvis that served in the British Army over a period of thirty years, from 1963-93. Mehr erfahren
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