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Das geschützte Transportfahrzeug der Bundeswehr

The Geschütztes Transportfahrzeug 5 t Zetros protected mobility truck with or without winch was procured under the GTF protected transport vehicle programme of the German Bundeswehr. Developed and manufactured by Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, the all-wheel-drive design with cab-behind-engine configuration has outstanding off-road capabilities, can be fitted with a FLW 100 remote-controlled weapon station and is employed for transporting general cargo, fuel tank units and shelters. The first GTF 5 t Zetros vehicles entered service in 2012. From 2013 onwards, they saw service with the German ISAF-contingent in Afghanistan. Zetros 1833A 5 t hümS 4x4 trucks without a protected cab are also now in service with the Bundeswehr. In this publication, both truck families are described in great detail.

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